Friday, March 5, 2010

John's Brief Life on Earth.............

............I firmly believe must not and cannot be for naught.  He did matter but all too late was he recognized, especially by his family.  It's my mission to correct that major error in my own life. I was talking to a friend last night, telling her bits and pieces of our lives as brother & sister (which incidentally didn't really exist at all) and I realized just how raw a deal he was given. By no means is he exclusive- there are hundreds of thousands whose lives did not turn out right, who died way too young or, worse, died before they were even born, but those stats do not negate the fact that John had a uniqueness and that uniqueness was and is a loss to many, now that he is  physically gone for good!  I feel the loss of John much more now than I ever did, and I'm learning more about him as the days pass.  Some good memories, some not-so-good, but's so true, we cannot know where we are going if we do not know from where we came.  Tough road sometimes but, hey, gotta do it.

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