Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why...........after so many years...........

There may be some who wonder "why, after so many years" my brother, John, has become such an important part of my life now.  Well, it's a wonder to me actually and I don't really have an answer that would make sense to anyone except, perhaps, John. Things happen in life, time passes, the world revolves around ourselves (or so we think) and before you know it, 20, 30, 40 years have gone by.  While I did question............a lot, I don't anymore.  I believe the spirit of John has done all the work so that I may finally see him, feel him, recognize him and get to know him better; and, I believe he no longer wanted to be wandering around the after-life, alone, scared and feeling unloved, uncared for, and given very little thought.  That's it, that simple!  Circumstances present themselves for reasons and it's up to us, when presented, whether we take note or, like we've probably always done, ignore them.  This time around, I chose to "take note" for the circumstsances were so strong, so telling, that I would have not only been the fool but, more importantly, missed out on so many experiences, feelings, growth.  For you, the reader, to understand a little of how, why and when, the ending will be the beginning.................of so much.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, I Begin..............Another Journey

This blog is dedictated, totally and completely, to the memory, and life, of my brother, John.  It's a journey I have chosen to be on, difficult as it may be from time to time, and I'd like to share him with you, the reader - he deserves to be shared with the world! As we go along, and I hope you will join me,  I wish for you to take something away from the experience of knowing, learning and have I.

Monday, January 18, 2010

This is Dedicated...............

It will be 38 years tomorrow -  January 19, 1972 -  that my beloved brother, John, left this earth.  He was barely 24 years of age. This Blog will be devoted and dedicated to him.  And, although not here in body, he is here in spirit and he will know.  In fact, he has been inspiring me now for a year; yup, pretty much 365 days now, poking me in the back, putting me in positions I never thought I'd be in, and pushing me to continue. As time goes on, you will learn about him, his life, his death;  you will learn about my journey on his behalf.  And, lastly, but most importantly, you will learn (I hope) that it is never too late to get to know a loved one................long after they've gone on to other unknown worlds.