Sunday, April 24, 2011

The past is to be revered............

It's said "leave the past behind".  While we mustn't live in the past we must, however, remember, recall unfinished business and pay respect to it.  This, I'm still trying to do for my brother, John.   The past, with John in it, came upon me like a flood of rain and spurned me on to do all I can to pay my respects to him and honor his memory, to give life back to a young man who has long been forgotten.  Or was he?  So many are coming together, those who did not know him, to pay their respects and set his spirit free. While there is much I've yet to do for him, he will have his due recognition at the upcoming "A Book About Death" art exhibit in Phoenix, AZ., on May 6, 2011, all thanks to friend & artist, Patricia Sahertian.  The local VFW will be in attendance, Taps will be played, a retired Air Force Chaplain will preside over the (memorial) ceremony, and many who did not have a clue John existed will now come to know a little bit about him, will share in the respect he so richly deserved.  He's now doing the "happy dance" in a world he now inhabits.

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