Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspiration comes in the most unlikeliest of ways...........

Well, have finally completed the short story and it's out there just waiting to be recognized.  I'm still amazed how my writing life has progressed since John burst into my life in January 2009.  He's given me real purpose and a faith in myself I never thought existed.  He is a true inspiration!  I think he's channeling himself through me - he wanted to be journalist and did very well in the journalism classes he took - all A's & B's.  Sadly, he never got to fullfil his dream but maybe he is............through me. It's my pleasure and an honor to have my brother as my inspiration and I hope to do him proud!   I hope someday I will reach the point where I can actually feel his arms around me and the warmth such an act as a simple hug can give.  I wish I could give John a hug now; that's a downside of the spirit world  - to never feel that actual physical warmth again.

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